Departmental Economics

  1. Name of the Departments: DEPARTMENT OF Home economics
  1. Brief note about Department: Home economics is the profession and field of study that deals with the economics and management of the home and community.[1] The field deals with the relationship between individuals, families, and communities, and the environment in which they live. The field represents many disciplines including consumer science, nutritionfood preparationparentingearly childhood educationfamily economicshuman developmentinterior designtextilesapparel design, as well as other related subjects. Family and Consumer Sciences education focuses on individuals and families living in society throughout their lifespan, thus dealing not only with families but also with their interrelationships with the communities.
  1. Teaching Staff:
Sr. No. Name of staff Designation Qualification Date of appointment
1. Dr. G.A. Bhalerao H.O.D




M.Sc(F.R.M.), M.A. (H.Eco), N.E.T, Ph.D, B.Ed 1/08/2008
2. Ms.Y.S.Dhomne Asst Prof M.Sc(H.D), M.A(H.Eco), N.E.T., SET, M.Phil  


3. Ms.A.G.Thakur Guest Lecturer M.Sc(F.R.M),B.Ed 1/08/2003
4. Ms.M.R.Dandare Guest Lecturer M.A.(H.Eco) 1/10/2012
5 Ms.V.U.Marwade Guest Lecturer M.A.(H.Eco) 23/09/2016
6. Ms.A.C.Kodape Guest Lecturer M.A.(H.Eco) 23/10/2016


  1. Refresher and Orientation Program attained by the staff
 Sr. No. Name of staff Programs Place Duration/Date
1. Dr.G.A.Bhalerao Refresher 1)Nagpur 01/12/2011 to 21/12/2011
2)Nagpur 02/01/2013 to 22/02/2013
Orientation 1)        Nil —-
2)         Nil
Short Term Course 1)      Nagpur 19/11/2012
2)       Nil
2. Orientation 1)      Jabalpur 15/04/2013 -11/05/2013
2)      Nil  –
Orientation 1)      Nil
Short Term Course 1)


  1. Departmental Events :Events 2015-2016
  2. Organized city level microwave cooking & cooking competition
  3. Organized worldwide brestfeeding day.
  4. Orgenized rakhi making training program.
  5. Organized city level sawan mela.
  6. Organized word wide Nutrition day.
  7. Organized series making one day work shop.
  8. Orgenized national level exhibition cum sale.
  9. Work shop on eco-friendly flower making.
  10. Training on without oven cake making.
  11. Training on preserved food making.
  12. Organized Aand Mela.
  13. Organized seven day work shop on Information Technology Basics.


  1. Achievements of Students with their photos:


  1. Univercity 1st toper 2012-13 Ms. Komal Yashwant Soni. Univercity 2nd toper Ms.Sahebaparveen Mohd.Anees Khan. 2012-13


Photos of Activities


 Seven Day Workshop on “Information Technology” organized by Deptt. Of Home Eco.


“Anand Mela ” Organized by Deptt. Of  Home Economics.