Department of continuing Adult Education and Extension

  • Women study and service centre
  • Population Education Programme

Composition of committee

  • N.K. Bahekar – President
  • S. M. Naranje – In-charge(WSSC)
  • I. G. Khatwani – In-charge(PEP)

WWSSC/PEP  2015-16

  • Women Study And Service Centre
  • Population Education Programme

Aims and Objectives of conducting the Project:-

  1. To use the college platform for women’s empowerment.
  2. To solve women’s problems by teaching’ research and other methods.
  3. To solve problems related to women’s social status, family welfare, employment , politics etc.
  4. To make aware the students of the institution about rapid growth of population and inform them the problems raised due to increasing population.
  5. To inform the students about ‘National Policies of Population Control’ in the same way give information about population programme and explain the importance of family.
  6. To make aware the community about the adverse efforts of ever increasing population on family and country.

Number of participant students

  • WSSC – 49
  • PEP – 49