ICT Facilities for Teaching-learning

  1. List of IT facilities in the college
S.N.Particular of IT Facility            Numbers
1.Class room with LCD Projector02
2.Laboratories with LCD Projector01
3.High-speed Internet100 MBPS
4.LAN connectivityAll Departments
5.Microsoft team LMS01
6.Computer Laboratory (Network Resource Centre)01
7.Wi-fi Routers04
8.Antivirus (Firewall)In all Computers
9.Seminar hall cum Classroom with LCD Projector01
10.Document scanner05
11.27×7 CCTV surveillance16
12.Microsoft ERP01
13.IQAC room with LCD projector01
14.Reading room with LCD projector01
15OHP with Screen01
  1. Department-wise IT facilities
Sr. No.Name of the DepartmentNo. of Computers/LaptopsNo. of Wi-Fi terminalsNo. of Computers with Net FacilityNo. of Lab with ICT/Smart-boards/ projectorNo. of printers/Zerox /Scanner
3Hindi01- Computer0101 Printer
4Economics01- Computer01
5English01- Computer00
6Political Sci.01 Computer01
7Home Eco.01- Computer 00
8H. Development01- Computer01
9Extension01- Computer0101-OHP, 01-Slide Projector, 01-Opacue Projector
10Geography01-Computer, 01-Laptop0101-Printer
11IQAC01-Laptop, 01-Computer0101-Projector with Screen01-Printer
12IT Lab.16- Computer16
13Physics01-Computer, 02- Laptop010101-Projector with Screen 03-Printer, 01-Scenner,
14Chemistry01- Computer01
15Biology01 Computer –0101-Printer
16B.Fd.04- Computer04
17F.R.M01- Computer01
18Principal Office01-Computer,02-Laptop010101-Printer
19Administrative Office08- Computer010802- Scanner, 08-Printer, 01-Xerox machine
20Library06- Computer0601 Projector with Screen02-Printers, 01-Scanner, 01-Barcode Reader, 01-Xerox machine
21Food & Nutrition01 Computer –01
22Co-Operative Society01 Computer –0101- Printer with Scanner
23Examination Control Room01-Laptop010101-Xerox machine
                  Total41-Computers, 07-Laptop0439-Computers with Net., 07-Laptop with Net.0619-Printers, 05-Scanners, 03-Xerox machine

ICT Infrastructure in College
Room Name and NumberUse of RoomICT FacilitiesGeo Tag Photographs
Seminar Hall (Room No. 112)Teaching and Other Online Programs for StudentsICT Projector and Wifi FacilitiesView Photo
Room No.117ClassroomICT Projector and Wi-fi FacilitiesView Photo
Physics departmentClassroomICT Projector and Wi-fi FacilitiesView Photo
Room No. 302ClassroomICT Projector and Wi-fi FacilitiesView Photo
Library and Reading RoomFor conducting different programs and teacher’s meetingsICT Projector and Wi-fi FacilitiesView Photo