About -Internal Quality Assurance Cell

The college has set up an IQAC following the UGC guidelines in the year 2003. The college is firmly committed to the objectives of IQAC and has adopted a quality plan aimed at achieving excellence through continuous improvement, cultural transformation and systematic review of quality improvements. At the beginning of each academic year, IQAC prepares the plan for all the educational activities. The IQAC monitors policy of education whether it is done efficiently and effectively. The quality of education has been maintained with assurance under the guidelines of IQAC.

The IQAC Committee in the college as follows:

Sr. No.NameDesignation
1.Dr. N. K. BahekarChairman
2.Dr. J. D. PundeCo-ordinator
3.Ms. Sandhya Wahane (Moon)Member
4.Dr. Rekha S. LilhareMember
5.Dr. Gokula DhokeyMember
6.Dr. Indira A. BudheMember
7.Mr. M. B. KurveMember
8.Dr. Abha A. TiwariMember
9.Mr. Amol B. SatputeMember