Cultural Activities

The Cultural committee of S. S. Girls College, Gondia organizing various competition, Events, activities Programmes and Days like Teacher Day, Independence day Republic day etc.  We also organized Essay, debate, ragoli, speech elocution extempore competition etc. The committee provided various opportunities to enhance their skills and talents. The cultural committee shall be responsible for all intra and intercollegiate cultural events in the college. The Teacher and committee member co-ordinate of the cultural committee take a lot of efforts to plan, to guide, to organize the various events and competition. Our students have been participated in the various competitions as in cultural activities District, State and National level. Our vision to encourage in cultural events, activities and competition and to develop talent among students. These competition helped students to enhance their unique set of capabilities in which they may demonstrate their skill in different.

Sr. No.Name of Committee MembersDesignation
1Alka W. Patil (Asstt.Prof) In-charge
2Dr. Rekha Lilhare ( Assoc. Prof) Committee Member
3Sandhya U. Wahane (Assoc. Prof)      Committee Member
4Dr. Neeta Khandekar (Assoc. Prof) Committee Member 

Aims and Objectives:-

The aim of this   cultural committee is to organize different cultural, extra-curricular Activities to develop healthy relationship among the students and overall development of the students Holding the activities to enhance the skill of the students and guiding them through the activities, so that they can cope up with the future challenges in their life. These activities were organized keeping the objectives in the mind as fellows.

  1. Overall development of the students.
  2. To enhance the talent qualities of the students.
  3. Social development of the students.
  4. To Make students aware about proper use of leisure time.
  5. To improve the creativity among students.
  6. To help students to develop self identity.
  7. Development of art of planning to organize different cultural programme.
  8. To motivate students to participate in collegiate and Inter-collegiate cultural activities.
  9. To make students aware about our culture and traditions.

Objective :

To promote and arrange extracurricular activities to bring out the talents of students in the performing arts 

Functions of cultural committee:

    1. To plan and schedule cultural events for the academic year.

    2. The committee conducted meeting of the committee to discuss cultural activities.

    3. The committee provided online and offline information with the help of notice register and what’s app message.

   4. To prepare and maintain record of all cultural activities.

   5.  The cultural committee decided the dates, time and agenda of the programme.

   6.   Cultural committee informs members of staff and students.

   7. Cultural committee duty to invite guest and other dignitaries with the Principal’s Permission.

  8. The committee arranges mementos, certificate for the guest and students.      

Cultural Committee Activities Table

(2017-18 to 2021-22)

Sr. NoName  of the EventDate of EventName of  Students
 Session 2021-22  
1World  Population Day11 July College Students
2.International Minorities Day18 December College students
3.Maharashtra  State Hindustan Scout and guide (One day Camp)07 December College Students
4.Bharatratna  Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti calibration (Samaan Sandhi Kendra)06/04/22 To 16/04/22 College Students
5.Essay Competition19/04/22College Students
6.Calibrated Mahatma fule Birth Anniversary11/04/22College Students
7. Essay Competition16/ 09/21 College students
8.Celebrated Independence Day15/08/21College Students
9.Celebrated Republic Day26/01/22College Students
10.  First prize got in district level singing competition for Blind students (divyang students) organized by NAB Activity center Gondia.24/04/22  Ku. Harsha  Naresh Tahalyaani B.A.2nd year
 Session 2020-21  
1National Level Essay Competition26/01/21Renu kuril,  Dipali Dohare,  and Geeta Chakrawarti
2.Republic Day Calibration26/01/21College Students
3. Online Quiz Competition  on Savitribai fule Jayanti30/12/20 173 college students Participated
4. State Level Mono Act Competition30/12/2008  StudentsParticipated
5. Samvidhan Divas Calibration26/11/20College students
6.Celebrated National Communal Harmony Week08/02/20 To 15 /02/20College students
 Session 2019-20  
1Celebrated Independence  Day25/08/19 College Students
2Celebrated Republic Day26/0120 College Students
3 Participated in Statev Level VIcharvedh Nibhand Spardha12/01/20 Ku. Pushpa Z. LIlhare  Ku minakshi  devadhari
4.Speak India Maharashtra Edition11/02/20 Jaymala  G.Meshram
5Various Cultural Competition  organized on the occasion of 150 years of celebration of Mahatma Gandhi birth anniversary02/10/19 55 students had participated
 Session 2018-19  
1Celebrated Independence Day15/08/18College Students
2.Celebrated Republic Day26/01/19College Students
3.Celebrated Teacher Day     05/09/18 College Students
4. Students participation in Rang BI Rangi Khadi organized by Vidharbha Industries Association and Lady Entrepreneur Wing Nagpur.     02/10 18 11 Students has Participated
5. Participation in Texotike     06/09/1806 Students has participated
6. Participation in Taluka Level Swachhata  allocution competition     12/01/1803 Students has participated
7.Inter  Collegiate Debate and Cultural Competition     26/01/19 06 students has Participated
8.Sneh- Utkarsha Social Gathering     07/02/19          To      08/02/19 College Students
9. Mahatma Gandhi Vichar Sanskaar Pariksha by Gandhi Research foundation Jalgaon.   10/10/18 93 Students has Participated
12Participated Students in State Level Essay Competition organized by Hamid Dalvai Research Institute Pune. 03/13/18  32 students has participated and organized competition in college campus.
13.  Organized  Speech competition on World Hindi Divas.10/01/19 05 Students has participated in competition
 Session 2017-18  
    1.Celebrated Independence Day15/08/17College Students
    2.Celebrated Republic Day26/01/18College Students
   3.Celebrated Teacher Day     05/09/17 College Students
   4.Participation in  Taluka Level Swachhata  allocution competition     05/01/1803 Students has participated
   5. District level Swachhata Mitra Allocution competition programme     16/01/18 10 students has Participated
   6. Inter collegiate debate and cultural competition     10/01/18 10 students has participated
   7. Participation in research project (Avishkar) organized by R.T.M.N.U. Nagpur     06/01/1802 students has participated
    8. Mahatma Gandhi Sanskar Pariksha   02/10/17 59 Students has participated
    9.Akhil Bhartiya Nibhabndh (Essay) competition   08/09/1702 students has participated
10. International Women Day celebration08/03/18 College students and Staff