Department of Family Resource Management

Department of Family Resource Management

Departmental Activities Session 2015-16

The details of the programs organized as per the proposed planning of the department during session 2015-16 are presented month wise in this list.

  • June 2015:
  1. We discussed regarding programs conducted in the session 2014-15, and prepare the proposed schedule and schemes of the departmental activities for session 2015-16.
  2. Student’s result of the department were noted and analyzed.
  3. Counselling of 12th standard students was done to motivate and select Home Science stream. They were given information regarding home Science subjects, its utility in the life, how it is helpful in overall development along with future opportunities.
  4. Conduct the practical examinations and evaluation of P.G of different          colleges of RTM Nagpur.
  5. Prepare the teaching plan of the Unitized syllabus for different
  6. Attended the BOS meeting at RTMNU Nagpur (29/6/15)
  • July:
  1. Meeting was organized with principal to discuss various activities to be under taken by the department throughout session.
  2. Discussion were done regarding syllabus contents coverage of the first, second and final year.
  3. Special guidance was given to B.Sc. (H. Sc.) Part I students regarding study and functioning of the department.
  4. Principal addressed the Home Science students.
  5. Did the paper setting of Gondwana University Gadchiroli.
  6. Attended the BOS meeting at RTMNU Nagpur (31/7/15)
  7. Attended the BOS meeting at D B GIRS autonomous college Raipur 14/7/15)


August :

  1. Discussion and planning of departmental activity with the in- charges.
  2. Informed students and guided them regarding Practical work and sessional work.
  3. Students were given demonstration about preparation of different decorative articles.
  4. Students were allotted seminar topic related to syllabus.
  5. First unit test of the student of all classes were taken.
  6. Attended the workshop on food pesticide and consequent health hazards at Radhabai  Govt.  Kanya mahavidalaya Raipur and published the paper (8/8/15).

7 LEC member at S Chouhan mahila vidyalaya Amgoan (11/8/15).

  1. Attended the Academic council meeting at RTMNUN (21/8/15)
  2. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE COMPETITION (9/8/15) A general knowledge competition and seminar was organized under the aegis of district information office and study circle Gondia at Manohar Municipal junior college Gondia.
  3. Youth Festival (27/08/2015) with the collaboration of youth promo education group students are guided on the selection process and preparation for banking, railways and other state govt. sector services.

September :

  1. Students were given guidance regarding preparation of questionnaire and they were told to prepare questionnaire for working & non working women and college going student time scheduling and planning.
  2. Group discussion and field survey was taken by students.
  3. A visit to Exhibition and trade show at Agrasen Bhawan Gondia, for B.Sc. (Home Science) Part III students with special emphasis on decorative items.
  4. A National Seminar on Food technology and women entrepreneurship (26 Sept) attended and presented a paper titled Changing as method persevering fruits and vegetables.
  5. Published the  paper in national seminar  organized by human right cell of RENUKA college Nagpur(12/09/15).
  • October :
  1. Published the paper in the international journal “multiple dimensions of stress and anxiety in working women of shift hour duties (4/10/15)
  2. An Exhibition on handicraft, and decorative articles was held in the department, for articles prepared by students In 1st and 2nd weak of October.
  3. A workshop was organized for students on innovative Rangoli.
  4. R.T.M. Nagpur University Paper setting, pending works of seminar, and attended the meeting of revaluation and valuated the answer sheets.
  5. Organized the workshop on innovative Rangoli. Mrs Ashma Agrawal was the guest artist.


Dr  N K Bahekar Principal,Dr Rekha Lilhare,and Ashma Agrawal along with students


Dr N K Bahekar, Dr Rekha Lilhare,  Ashma Agrawal, Dr Budhe, Prof sandhya  Wahane  along with students


Decorative articals and innovative rangoli articals

checm5Guest Dr Vandana Dhawad and  Versha Mankar guiding the students in the seminar

  • December :
  1. Paper setting of the RTM Nagpur University.
  2. Report writing for various programmes conducted in the college campus.

3                 Organize the expert lecture for the students to guide opportunities in the field of home science (23/12/15).

  1. Unit Test Examination was taken.
  2. Written a paper for journal.


  • Organized the workshop on Flower decoration and arrangement(2/1/16).
  • Field Surveys, Tabulation, Result Analysis discussion, suggestion Report was prepared for minor project.
  • University paper setting of B.Sc. (H. Sc.) 1st and 3rd year was done.
  • Students presented the PPT of their work done, and seminar.
  • Set the paper for annual examination of Nagpur University.
  • PPT presentation on stress management for home science students (6/1/15).
  • Delivered the special lecturer on stress in women and its management at NSS camp Pindkepar (3/1/16) .

10            Organized the lecture series on carrier guidance (6/1/16)

  1. Attended the LEC committee at S Chandra College Amgoan.
  2. Organized the programme to shift the bank of Maharashtra in another campus.


Dr Kalpana Jadhav Dr Rekha Lilhare Dr NAsare addressing the students


checm8checm9 checm10

Dr Rekha Lilhare addressing the students on stress management

  1. Annual test examination was conducted and valuated.
  2. Annual practical examination of R.T.M. Nagpur University was conducted .

3                 As an external Examiner conducted different college practical examination

  • MARCH :
  1. As an external Examiner conducted different college practical examination.
  2. Report writing of Different Committee.
  3. Students Annual test examination paper were checked and guided the students regarding writing the paper. They were also informed regarding mistakes committed by them in Answer book.
  4. Works as internal supervisor for various examination of Nagpur University.
  5. Attended the national seminar presented the paper and chaired the afternoon session(17/3/16).
  • APRIL :
  1. Invigilation duty performed.
  2. R.T.M. Nagpur University practical examinations valuation work done.
  3. Departmental pending works were done.
  4. Preparation and submission of final report, Attendance Register, daily diary, Departmental activity file was done.

Apart from these, various work assigned by university and college authorities have been done successfully time to time. I have also worked successfully as in charges of cultural, cleanliness, screaming and student welfare committee as well as member of various committees.

`Acted in the direction to implement, regarding sanitation vending machines issued by Maharashtra government to be installed in the institute. As directed by the authorities to install the vending machine ask the various suppliers to give the demonstration for further procurement.

Formed and took the meeting of the committee member to implementation of the insurance for the students ass directed by the govt of Maharashtra.

Acted as Judge in the Swachhta mitra elocation compition organized by Collectorate Gondia district Gondia.


Department of family Resource Management

Departmental  activities Proposed

for session 2016-2017

The tentative schedule of the proposed plan during the session 2016-2017 for various activities/ programme to be under taken for the benefit of students is as follows.

  1. JUNE 2016. Admission process will be starting from 16 June onwards, students will be guided about importance future scope of Home Science.
  2. JULY 2016. a] Principal addressed for home science students.

          b]  Meeting with principal and faculty in charge for various activities to be held throughout the session.

  1. August 2016.

a] Guideline will be given to students about syllabus related practical works and sessional works.

b] Unit test will be conducted.

  1. SEPTEMBER 2016. Discussion with student on field work activities and seminar. Workshop on decorative articles.

5.OCTOBER 2016.

          a] Experimental house activities/arranging exhibition in event management.

b] Attending university meetings, evaluation and paper setting will be done.

  1. NOVEMBER 2016. Attending university meetings, valuation and paper setting would be done along with departmental work.
  2. DECEMBER 2016.

a] Workshop on flower arrangement, flower decoration, floral carpet and preparing decorative articles.

b] Students will be visited to exhibition and trade show.

  1. JANUARY 2017.

          a] Arranging guest lecture.

          b] Celebration of youth day.

          c] Annual test examination will be held along with seminar.

9.FEBRUARY 2017.

           a] Student will be submit survey reports and seminar reports.

          b] Annual test examination will be held and valuation will be done.

          c] University practical examination will be conducted.

  1. MARCH & APRIL 2017.

          a] University practical examination will be conducted.

          b] Invigilation, paper valuations and various departmental and college related work will be done.