Goals & Objectives



Our motto is “Yatra Naryastu  Pujayant : Ramante tatra Devtah”. It is clear that we are  fully dedicated to our cause of Women’s education with the example of Maharshi Karve, The visionary who had started the S.N.D.T. University for women with only 8 students. Again it was a visionary , “Babuji”, Late Shri Manoharbhai patel , the Founder President of G . E . S . , who started our women’s college with only 70 students to impart quality education to them to face the changing world. We have a vision, which Maharashi Karve had, that unless and until women are educated the society cannot go ahead. A women with the power of knowledge is not weak and  we empower her with various qualities which make her personality multifaceted and she faces the world with the confidence of a lion as written in our “Vedas”. In this backward and semi urban area , infested by naxalites, we will march forward with our vision of women upliftment come what way.

Late Manoharbhai Patel    




We, At S. S. Girls’ College, GONDIA are committed to excellence in Women’s Education, empowering personalities, intellectually, artistically and emotionally skills Of Head, Hand and Heart and developing responsible members of society.