Yoga Day Celebration 21/06/23

S. S. Girls’ College organized a grand event to celebrate International Yoga Day on 21st June 2023. The event aimed to promote the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of the participants through the practice of yoga. The following are the key details of the event:

Event Details:

– Event: International Yoga Day

– Yoga Trainer: Mrs. Mamta Kanphade Madam

– Event Organiser: S. S. Girls’ College

– Event Incharge: Dr. Lakhan Gaidhane and NSS Unit

– Event Date: 21st June 2023

The event witnessed a large gathering of yoga enthusiasts from various backgrounds, including students, faculty members, and community members. Participants were guided by renowned yoga trainer Mrs. Mamta Kanphade Madam, who shared her expertise in yoga and its numerous health benefits. It followed a series of yoga asanas, pranayama, and meditation. The participants were immersed in a serene atmosphere, experiencing the calming effects of yoga and connecting with their inner selves. Speaking about the significance of the event, Mrs. Mamta Kanphade Madam expressed, “International Yoga Day provides a platform for individuals to embrace the ancient practice of yoga, which not only promotes physical fitness but also aids in stress reduction and overall well-being. We are delighted to organize this event and witness the enthusiastic participation of our students and community members.”

Under the supervision of Dr. Lakhan Gaidhane and the NSS Unit, the event commenced with a warm-up session.

The event at S. S. Girls’ College emphasized the importance of integrating yoga into daily routines to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It showcased the college’s commitment to promoting holistic education and fostering well-rounded individuals.

As International Yoga Day continues to gain global recognition, events like these play a vital role in spreading awareness about the benefits of yoga and encouraging its practice among individuals of all ages.